Best Law Schools In the USA

A career in law starts with finding the school that fits you best. With the U.S. News rankings of the top law schools, narrow your search by location, tuition, school size and test scores.
ameTuition and feesEnrollment(full-time)
LSAT scores (25th-75th percentile)
Acceptance rate
Yale University 
New Haven, CT
$58,050 per year (full-time) 614 
Harvard University 
Cambridge, MA
$58,242 per year (full-time) 1,767 
Stanford University 
Stanford, CA
$56,274 per year (full-time) 572 
Columbia University 
New York, NY
$62,700 per year (full-time) 1,165 
University of Chicago 
Chicago, IL
$56,916 per year (full-time) 617 
New York University 
New York, NY
$59,330 per year (full-time) 1,395 
University of Pennsylvania 
Philadelphia, PA
$58,918 per year (full-time) 753 
University of California—​Berkeley 
Berkeley, CA
$48,679 per year (in-state, full-time); $52,630per year (out-of-state, full-time) 935 
University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor 
Ann Arbor, MI
$53,112 per year (in-state, full-time); $56,112per year (out-of-state, full-time) 932 
University of Virginia 
Charlottesville, VA
$54,000 per year (in-state, full-time); $57,000per year (out-of-state, full-time) 934 
Duke University 
Durham, NC
$57,717 per year (full-time) 668 
Northwestern University (Pritzker) 
Chicago, IL
$58,398 per year (full-time) 658 
Cornell University 
Ithaca, NY
$59,900 per year (full-time) 588 
Georgetown University 
Washington, DC
$55,255 per year (full-time) 1,725 
University of Texas—​Austin 
Austin, TX
$33,162 per year (in-state, full-time); $49,244per year (out-of-state, full-time) 949 
Vanderbilt University 
Nashville, TN
$51,360 per year (full-time) 538 
University of California—​Los Angeles 
Los Angeles, CA
$45,284 per year (in-state, full-time); $51,778per year (out-of-state, full-time) 974 
Washington University in St. Louis 
St. Louis, MO
$51,626 per year (full-time) 684 
University of Southern California (Gould) 
Los Angeles, CA
$58,022 per year (full-time) 598 
Boston University 
Boston, MA
$49,330 per year (full-time) 672 
University of Iowa 
Iowa City, IA
$24,177 per year (in-state, full-time); $42,021per year (out-of-state, full-time) 387 
Emory University 
Atlanta, GA
$51,510 per year (full-time) 836 
University of Minnesota 
Minneapolis, MN
$42,231 per year (in-state, full-time); $50,373per year (out-of-state, full-time) 632 
University of Notre Dame 
Notre Dame, IN
$52,372 per year (full-time) 581 
Arizona State University (O'Connor) 
Tempe, AZ
$27,074 per year (in-state, full-time); $42,794per year (out-of-state, full-time)

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